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Doctor ZouYali, Director of theAsia-America Research Center of the US Universityof Houston, Visited Our Institute

Posted 2016-05-04 Viewed 2032 times

 On March 17, 2016, a mission composed of four experts, such as Doctor ZouYali, director of theAsia-America Research Center, tenured professor of the Educationand Policy Study Departmentof the US Universityof Houston, Professor Zhu BinbinoftheNortheast Normal Universityand visiting scholar to America, Associate Professor Xing Jinmingof theDalianUniversityofTechnologyand visiting scholar to America, etc. visited our institute at our invitation. Both sides held an exchange seminar at 9:00 in the morning. President Fang Fei, Deputy President Cui Kai, Director Wang Zhan and relevant directors were present at the seminar.

 After hearing our institute’s briefing aboutthe planning andconstructionof theChangchun New Zone, Doctor ZouYali suggested offering education training with theChangchun New Zone as a platform in the future, and she also invited our institute’s technical backbones to visit Universityof Houston for exchanges on enterprise, administrationandtechnology. After that, both sides conducted further dialogues on exchange mechanism, cooperation model, etc. and reached an initial cooperation conception.

 In the afternoon, our institute’s leaders accompanied the mission headed by Doctor ZouYali to the Hi-tech Development Zone and conducted extensive and all-round communications and discussions with leaders includingDeputy DirectorZhangShaojunof the Hi-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee, etc. The topics covered such contents as education, talent exchange, trade, culture, etc. in the course of thedevelopment zone growth. They also visited the planned construction exhibition hall for Long Core Zone of Northeast Chinain theChangchun Hi-tech Zone, theChangchunBeihuScience and Technology Park, etc.

 This exchange served as an important step of our institute to further broaden our international horizon and develop international cooperation. In the future, our institute willwork hard to promote exchange and cooperation between our two sides, making full use of the vast platform provided by experts including Doctor ZouYali, etc.