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Mr. Paul Wills of British Embassy in China, and Ms Li Jiaxuan of UKTI Visited Our Institute

Posted 2015-10-27 Viewed 3437 times

  The first secretary of British Embassy, Mr. Paul Wills and the manager of UKTI, Ms.Li Jiaxuan visited our institute in the afternoon May 19, 2015 to hold a communication meeting of China-Britain cooperative subjects. The attendees included the president of Changchun Institute of Urban & Planning Design, Mr. Fei, vice president, Mr Cui kaifu, vice president, Mr. Liu Yansong, vice president, Mr. Wang Haoyi, president assistant Mr. Yu Shuli, Director Liu and relevant technicians, director of first foreign capital department of investment promotion bureau, Mr. Liu Fusheng, Chief representative of Space Syntax for China, Mr. Liu Ning.

  President Mr. Fang Fei expressed his warm welcome to the visit of Mr. Paul Wills and Ms. Li Jiaxuan in his welcome speech. He believes that this visit and promoting cooperation are in the best time under the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and UK. He hopes that the visit of Mr. Paul Wills will push the cooperation of Chang-Ji demonstration zone project and take cooperation plan as a starting point to promote the better and rapid development of the project from many essentials such as new-typed urbanization, new type energy, urban management, construction of large-scale infrastructure, cultural exchanges, financial cooperation, PPP and so on.

  Vice President Mr. Wang Haoyu introduced our institute’s basic information and six development ideas of development of internationalization, regional strategic research, core products and cultural transmission, and also the progress of Chang-Ji demonstration zone planning project. He explained that our institute was dedicated to establish a public intelligence team with international perspective, high social responsibility and plentiful self-driven spirit. He also expalined the progress of Changchun-Jilin Demonstration District.

  After the introduction of Mr. Wang, Mr. Paul Wills highly praised the development ideas and preliminary work of Chang-Ji demonstration zone and expressed affirmation on the current cooperative basis and wishes to future cooperation. He proposed to carry out the cooperation from nine aspects which includes urban planning, transportation hubs, infrastructure, environmental field, creative industries, urban regeneration and historical preservation, education, smart city, research of small down. He hopes to establish long-term cooperative partnership, with the planning as platform, to achieve a sustainable development path by carrying out multi-field and multi-form cooperation.

  After the meeting, Director Liu Fusheng, Mr. Liu Ning, and relevant leaders of our institute discussed with Mr. Paul Wills on various fields. Through this discussion, it is believed that Chang-Ji demonstration zone has established the planning system at a high starting point and fully launched the planning compilation at the preliminary stage, which has enabled the urban planning to play its roles of overall planning and intergrating as well as laid a good foundation for the future development. In this way, Chang-Ji demonstration zone will be the new starting point to promote regional development.