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exchange and Cooperation


exchange and Cooperation

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Our Institute and Jilin Jianyuan Design Group Signed the Strategic Agreement

Posted 2015-10-27 Viewed 2448 times

  “Complementary advantages, mutual cooperation, support,benefit and win-win result”. The signing ceremony between our institute and Jilin Shengjian group was held in the conference room of the third floor in Jianyuan group on the morning of May 11,2015. Our president, Mr. Fang Fei, the Chairman of Jianyuan group, Wang Xin and both leadership teams were present at the signing ceremony.

  The signing ceremony was hosted by general manager of Jianyuan Group, Li Wei, who introduced friendly cooperation of the project in detail from aspects of introduction of both sides, cooperative description, cooperative principle, cooperative content and other related items. Then President Fang Fei and the Chairman Wang Xin respectively signed the agreement and the bilateral strategic cooperative relation has been officially reached.

  After signing the agreement, President Fang Fei and Chairman Wang Xin made remarks respectively at the ceremony.President Fang highly appraised this cooperation and he believed that earnest performing the agreement is the key to cooperation.He also hoped that both party could make a deep cooperation and jointly meet the challenges to accomplish the social mission. Chairman Wang pointed out that the architectural design enterprises are facing the challenges of transformation and upgrading due to today’s profound social reform. Under such a circusmustance,the bilateral strategic cooperative relation is seeking common value, creating values and bearing more social responsibilities at the same time.

  During the period of domestic significant economical changes when facing serious challenges and the major task of transformation development under the new normal, Changchun Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute,the authoritative institute of Changchun urban planning industry and Jilin JianYuan Group,the leading enterprise of architectural design industry have established a strategic cooperative relationship,which will has significance for the development of both parties.