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about magazine

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Journal Missions
“Eudemonia City” is a manual on attaining a happy life in the city. It spreadsinformation on urban planning, releases news about urban treatment and records urban growth traces. It focuses on dissemination of urban planning policies and results + urban culture + leading life, aiming to become archives of urban development. With modern and unique methods, it records and expresses complicated emotions about the city. It constitutes a community for city planners, city researchers and city lovers.

Journal Columns
It traces memories of Changchun from multiple aspects and searches for urban development veins. Fairs, buildings, theaters, parks, maps, people … every individual of some weight should be on display. Requirements for contributions: text contributions: 1500-3000 words apiece; graphic contributions: picture annotations required.

Everybody Is a Planner
It takes “If I was to make plans for Changchun, I would …” as the theme and hopes that the young generation of the Changchun people will propose design originalities of their own in order to make our city better. It may be any observation or conception concerning public space planning for Changchun. Requirements for contributions: text contributions: terse and forceful, 50-150 words apiece (for instance: Any public place in the city should specifically set aside areas for mothers with babies and children’s playgrounds. In our mind, we should voluntarily take care of those in need of help).

Photo Album
Lens record people and the city and the city’s changes. It can show people’s real life in the city, for instance, the living conditions for people of certain industry. It can also present urban landscapes, for instance, roofs inside the city. Requirements for contributions: photos (at least two photos for one theme) with annotations.

Illustrations constitute another kind of interpretation of the city from illustrators’ brushes. An illustration may be about the scene of an urban corner or another side of the city nature – imagined side. The extent of the complicated feelings can only be expressed by pictures. Requirements: Illustrations (at least two illustrations for one theme) with annotations.

We would like contributions in electronic form directly mailed to the email boxfor contributions. Please annotate the following: title of the contribution, author’s name, address, telephone number, etc. Once any of the contributions is adopted by the journal, remunerations plus two copies of the journal will be paid to the author.

Contributions email box: xingfudushi@163.com
Address: Room 504, #2281 Tongzhi Street, Changchun, Jilin Province
Postal code: 130021
Tel: 86-431-81306862
Contact: Pan Hongru Zhang Hui Wang Jian