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Research on Spatial Distribution of Population in Changchun Downtown based on GIS

Posted 2015-10-27 Viewed 2869 times

  The plan has learned form experience of related researches of relevant domestic cities. It has also applied scientific research methods and taken advantage of administrative means for the first time to organize and carry out investigation and statistics of related demographic date in sub-district community, town(township) and village. By collecting a mass of population information data of demographic functional departments of years, it has increased the accuracy and availability of the data.

  Demographic data were analyzed by means of GIS and spatial analysis technique. Many population data of administrative zones, controlled and regulated units and land derived form original single data of community survey have revealed the variation trend of population density and gravity. And a multi-level, open information system of current resident population and a information platform of resident population’s distribution were built. In this way, it provides the basic data and references for planning compilation, management and social services.

  Taking the development of matched information system as the main content of research is an attempt to the new technologies and methods of planning and design study. It has made the study more practible and results utilization more sustainable while imploring population information research in domestic planning domain.