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Changchun Regulatory Detailed Plan

Posted 2015-10-27 Viewed 4195 times

I.The Range of Planning

The planned area is 445 square km, involving Chaoying district, Nanguan district, Kuancheng District, Erdao district, Lvyuan district, economic and technological development district, high-tech development district, Jingyue economic development district, automotive industry development district, southern urban economic development district and some provincial development districts.

II. Compilation of Standard and System

To ensure standardization and reasonability of the compiling of Changchun Regulatory Detailed Plan, this planning compilation has combined the realities of Changchun urban development and construction to formulate Technical Requirements of Changchun Regulatory Detailed Plan on the basis of Urban and Rural Planning Law of PRC, Compilation Methods of Urban Planning and its implementation regulations Rules of Compiling Technique for Regulatory Detailed Planning of Jilin Province (Trial), and relevant laws and technical specifications

“Changchun Regulatory Detailed Plan” adopts spatial positioning code system defined in Urban Planning Compilation and Management System of Changchun as a unified basis of positioning codes. This system uses a five-level coding, that is “subarea number + administration unit number+ regulatory unit number + land parcel number+ sub-land parcel number”, and adopts the method of mixing letters and numbers to unify the numbering: subarea (NG, GX, KC, CY, JK, ED, SY, JY, LV, QK, DH, CB) ------ Administrative Unit (XZ)------------ Regulatory Unit (KD) -------- Land Parcel (D)--------- Sub-land Parcel ( FD)

III. Compiling Method

This regulatory plan adopts the compiling method of “hierarchical compilation, classified control, subdivision al research” and the regulatory plan compilation mode combining the whole process and all elements. The hierarchical formulation means that statutory and technical documents were respectively compiled for approval.

The statutory documents include defining mandatory land control index such as: property of land use, plot ratio and green area ratio; the dimension, scope and control requirement of infrastructure, public service facilities, public security facilities; and also the control lines and control requirements of yellow line, green line, purple line and blue line. The technical documents include offering suggestions of guidance target for the architectural color and style, architectural setback line, location of traffic exit and entrance; the classified control means dividing all the lands into “ newly-built area, transformation area of old blocks, reserve area, special area” according to the degree of construction and respectively putting forward different control requirements and construction guidelines; subitem research means that the compilation of regulatory planning is on the basis of specialized research and special plan.

IV: Planning Achievements

The planning has finished the compilation of regulatory detailed planning of 445 square km of construction land area in downtown, which was divided into 9 administrative districts, 64 planning units, 152 regulatory planning units. Among them, the regulatory planning unit are the basic units of compilation of regulatory planning and submission for approval. Its achievements consist of texts, maps, illustrations, plans (including the plan of regulatory planning unit and sub plans) and the text and maps are the legal basis of planning management.

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