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Changchun Urban Prospective Planning

Posted 2015-10-27 Viewed 2828 times

The strategic plan compilation work was done by the taskforce led by experts, including Chen Wenling, the director of comprehensive development department of State Council Research Office, Zhao Min of Tongji University, Rao Rong of Qinghua University, Wu Shunze of Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning and other experts. RTKL of United States, SWECO of Switzerland, HYHW of Australia and other foreign first-class design teams compiled it together with Changchun Planning Institute. The achievement was different from the traditional spatial planning and innovatively formed the “1+11” achievement constitution including a general report and various special subject reports. It includes a strategic planning general report of Changchun urban development and 11 special subjects, that is, the positioning and strategy of Changchun, Changchun ecological and security pattern, spatial development of Chang-Ji joint metropolitan area, spatial development of Chang-Ji sharing area, optimization of Changchun urban spatial structure, the international situation in Northeast Asia, transportation development of Chang-Ji joint metropolitan, environmental protection, water resources and energy strategy. It has got initial results at present.

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