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Plan of Comprehensive Development and Utilization of CBD Underground Space in Changchun Northeast Core Area of Changchun High-tech District

Posted 2015-10-14 Viewed 3084 times

The bidding invitation of planning scheme design for comprehensive development and utilization of CBD underground space in Changchun northeast core area of Changchun High-tech district started in September, 2015.The participating companies included Changchun Institute of Urban Planning & Design, Shanghai Fudan Planning and Architectural Design Institute, Shanghai Tongyan Architectural Planning and Design Co., Ltd. The scope of bidding included south of Yiyi Road, North of Jia’er Road, East of Bing Shiyi Street, areas on both sides of Yuanda Street in Changchun northeast core area. The planning area is about 354.2 hectares.

The Changchun northeast branch of our in statute won the tender in the evaluation on October 30 ,2013 as the winner of the First Prize.

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