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Changchun Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute was founded on February 27,1980. It was approved as Class-A Planning and Design Institute in 1993 by Ministry of Construction, and was approved as Class-A Engineering Consulting Institute by State Development Planning Commission in 1995.

Changchun Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute was approved as total quality management standard institute by Jilin Construction Department in 1992 and was approved as Tourism Planning and Design Class-C Institute by Jilin Tourism Bureau in 2006. It is a member in Changchun Urban Science Institute, Jilin Survey and Design Association and China Urban Planning Association. Its main functions are: providing planning technical investigative services for Changchun governments at all levels; participating in formulation of national, provincial and municipal standards of planning technology; and providing all kinds of planning design and investigation services for the society. As of April, 2015, this institute has totally 246 staffs (including 73“in-staff” personnel, 130 employed personnel, 36 dispatched personnel, 7 outsourced personnel). Of all the staff, 218 are professional technicians (including 14 researchers, 35 senior professional technicians, 64 middle professional technicians and 105 junior professional technicians), 29 are personnel with registered certificates (including 19 certified planners, 1 registered architect, 1 registered structure engineer, 5 registered consultants, 1 registered equipment engineer, 1 certified public accountant and 1 certified tax agent), and 28 are administrative personnel.

This institute mainly provides planning design and research services for government and society, and is responsible for urban overall planning, regional planning, detailed planning, urban design, urban system planning, concept planning, environmental landscape planning, urban comprehensive transportation planning, tourism planning, other specific planning, and research on urban planning. After 30 years of efforts, it has developed into a scientific research institute of planning and design integrating research and practice with advanced research and planning tools, strong technical force, and professional facilities.

This institute always adheres to the principle of “people-oriented planning, conformance to the law, highly valuing Changchun, and striving for credibility”, and conscientiously practices its purposes of “planning and serving urban development according to the law”. Regarding its public functions, it builds a Changchun urban and rural planning compiling system. It performs its compiling work guided by strategic planning, centering on overall planning and statutory planning, with ordinary planning as the supplement, based on project research and data. This institute provides technical achievement safeguard for urban construction and support for government decision-making. Regarding its social functions, this institute could serve every cause of the society in respect of planning, transportation, municipality, environmental resources, landscape and other aspects.

At present, this institute has 1 excellent planner in national urban planning industry, 1 Jilin Provincial design master, 1 excellent president in provincial planning industry, 4 recipients of municipal government special allowance, 2 municipal outstanding contributing experts, 2 municipal excellent professional technicians and 1 municipal excellent youth college student. In the past thirty years, this institute has completed thousands of tasks in aspects of scientific research, planning design and planning research, of which four plans including “Changchun urban overall planning (1996-2020)” and “Changchun recent construction planning (2003)” won the national excellent design awards; dozens of technical achievements including “Changchun commercial center plan of Guangfu Road” and “Changchun urban overall planning (2005-2020)” won the provincial excellent design achievement awards; dozens of technical achievements including “renovation plan of surrounding buildings and environment of Changchun cultural plaza” and “Changchun international motor town overall planning research” won the city-level and department-level excellent achievement awards. In 2008, “development and application of urban planning and management support system” won the third prize of Jilin provincial technical progress. This institute has made valuable contributions in theoretical research on urban planning and published hundreds of academic thesis. Many of these theses such as “Mega City’s Expanding External Space and its Influencing Factors in China” and “Research of Urban Rapid Rail Transit Planning” won awards. “Promotion of Healthy Development of Our Province’s Urbanization by Construction of Urban Plan and Interaction Mechanism of Urbanization” was compiled in “Consideration on Urbanization Development”, a national material compilation.

With brand new attitude, full enthusiasm and tireless efforts, all employees of this institute will adapt to the colorful, flourish economic time, and constantly write a brilliant chapter for the development of the planning cause.